Calls for articles & action 

We invite you to be part of AnthroArt and join our Action for People and Planet! 

We are seeking anthropologists – academics and/or working in applied settings – as well as artists who are passionate about our two central themes and want to share their insights, their experience and their art with the wider public. We are also inviting them to join our bootcamps, to work together and develop real-world solutions that can help tackle problems related to inequality and the environment.

Are you working in the field of academic or applied anthropology in Romania, Portugal or the Netherlands and does your research/work focus on inequality and on ways to advance social inclusion? And are you interested in writing about your work for a general audience and promoting the application of anthropological knowledge to the real world? Then consider writing an article for AnthroArt!

This call is looking for short articles based on anthropological work (around 2500 words) – they should be simple, accessible texts for the general public exposing and discussing research insights and practical solutions.

An artist will create a unique illustration reflecting the central ideas of your text. We will also produce an audio recording of your article and publish it in our podcast series. They will also serve as inspiration for bootcamps, where students and young practitioners of anthropology and the arts will translate your insights into potential societal interventions. Lastly, the articles, podcasts and illustrations will feature in exhibitions in the three countries.

Funding available: authors will receive an honorarium for writing an article.

To submit your idea, send us an email at with the following information: 

  • the main thesis/argument of the article you want to write
  • a short methodical description of the field work your argument is based on (location, form, methods used, estimate of the time you were able to spend in the field)
  • how your idea links to our themes of inequality and social inclusion (and the social self, if possible)
  • what is the base for societal intervention in your argument
  • something about you, including at minimum your current role/position, your role/position at the time of the field study, your current location. Include any details concerning representation/diversity you deem relevant, if you so wish. 

Learn more about the call theme on the for People section and click here for detailed submission guidelines.

Creative Connections
An AnthroArt Conference on Anthropology, Art and Action

Exploring paths towards a more inclusive world

November 4th – Mezanin, Palatul Universul, Bucharest

Unusual intersections can take us down new and powerful paths to explore social inclusion.

The path of anthropology creates understanding, brings insight and invites new ways of thinking about complex and systemic challenges. The path of action creates practical and tangible results into righting inequalities and providing relief in unbalanced, unequal systems. The path of art touches the heart, elevates the spirit and builds bridges across differences.

What might they teach and inform each-other when they come together and connect? Might it be that the power of an anthropological insight amplifies the force of an intervention? Might it be that a practical challenge of tackling inequality provides the seeds for a new question to direct the gaze of the anthropologist? Might it be that a touching piece of art amplifies and carries both the anthropological insight and the practical challenge to the eyes and hearts of communities?

These questions are sitting at the core of this conference.

Are you an anthropologist researching or studying the topic of inequality and social inclusion? Are you an organisation working to right social inequalities? Are you an artist interested to contribute to social inclusion?

Come join us for this one-day conference in Bucharest.

We are inviting scholars, NGOs and artists to showcase their work in the space of social inclusion and explore together where these unusual intersections might take us.
We will also share the first fruits of our AnthroArt project, showing how we brought together anthropology, art and action to engage with the themes of inequality and inclusion across three geographies: Romania, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Participation is free, based on registration here. For the full programme of the event click here.

Are you an anthropologist or an artist interested in applying your knowledge and skills to effect positive social change? In an AnthroArt bootcamp you will work in interdisciplinary teams, learning to define your own challenge, carry out fast ethnographic research and combine it with principles of design thinking, to develop a real-world solution for a problem.

In September we will host the first cross-country digital bootcamp. Participants from all three AnthroArt countries, Romania, Portugal and the Netherlands, come together online to work in teams of 3-4 people on a challenge around social inclusion. During two weeks there are classes each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, and in between two classes, teams work together on a digital whiteboard. The teaching team consisting of Namla (two applied anthropologists and two designers) will guide you through the whole process.

The bootcamp will take place 18th- 29th of September, and we do rolling admissions up until September 6th. If you are interested email ,, or to secure a spot from your favorite location.

Applications are open! Are you an engaged anthropologist or (visual) artist, interested in working on the topic of social inclusion? Come join us in this bootcamp! 
As social scientists and artists, we have a tendency to look at the world carefully and with infinite nuances. We like to take our time. But society’s challenges are large, and often, institutions and organisations struggle to engage with our work if we don’t translate it to their reality. This bootcamp is designed to help you go from research to action through artistic expression, in a way that feels comfortable to you, but also allows others to connect with your insights & art, and put it to use towards solving a social inclusion challenge. 
The challenge
De Meevaart is a cooperatively run community centre in the Indische Buurt in Amsterdam Oost where neighborhood organizations can rent rooms (for free if needed) to host their activities. Their goal is to be a positive, enabling and inclusive space for the whole neighborhood. The question that we will be working on is: 
When there is free space in a gentrified place, how do we make it inclusive of everyone? 
The bootcamp will be hosted in the Meevaart and will happen on the following dates: July 12th 6-8pmCET, full days (9-5pm) Thursday 13th – Wednesday 19th. The bootcamp will be free to attend but acceptance is application based; we will prioritize social scientists and artists that have a connection to Amsterdam Oost. This bootcamp will be facilitated by Corina, Rosalie and a designer, to be confirmed. For the first time we will also bring in an art facilitator, Sally. If you want to apply (either as an anthropologist or as an artist) please send a short motivation letter to 

Are you an anthropologist or an artist interested in applying your knowledge and skills to effect positive social change? In an AnthroArt bootcamp you will work in interdisciplinary teams over a period of one week, learning to carry out fast ethnographic research and combine it with principles of design thinking, to develop a real-world solution for a problem. The problem will be defined in collaboration with a local stakeholder (for example an NGO working on problems related to inequality and social inclusion). The teaching team consisting of Namla (two applied anthropologists and one designer), as well as an artist co-teacher, will guide you through the whole process. 

The bootcamp in Coimbra will take place between  21 – 29 June. It is free to attend as a participant. The exact challenge that teams in this bootcamp will be working on will be defined soon. If you are interested email or use the form:

If you are an artist interested in creating editorial illustrations on topics related to inequality and social inclusion, please email us at including a link to your portfolio or attaching selected works, mentioning a few details about yourself such as name, location and experience. We will contact you if we see a fit with one of the articles that we are planning to publish.  You will be compensated for your work. Illustrations will also feature in several exhibitions across Romania, the Netherlands and Portugal. Get in touch for more details! 

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