In 2023, we center our actions around the theme of Social Inclusion. We invite academics and practitioners working in Romania, Portugal and the Netherlands on issues of inequality to share their insights here. Anthropology can shatter stereotypes and barriers, fight discrimination and promote tolerance, solidarity, and social inclusion. Through its unique in-depth insights about human societies, anthropology raises awareness about both the diversity and unity of human experience. The core values of anthropology include respect for human dignity, for equality, and human rights. Many anthropologists work with minorities: ethnic, sexual, or religious; with migrants or poverty-riddled communities – groups that are often marginal to the power structures of society, who struggle with visibility and with having their voices heard. This research is featured here and it calls for action!

All articles include unique editorial
illustrations created by artists from Romania, the Netherlands and Portugal as well as an audio version/podcast that you can listen to.

We start with a selection of texts curated from our sister project in Romania and translated to English. We are also calling for new contributions. Is inequality your area of expertise or interest? Head over to Join the project to see how you could be a part of this project!

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